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Zularaie (Zue- la- ray) This name is rather odd. It means (technically) brilliant (and sheep, but this cancels out). If someone were to name their child this name, I should warn them that the child may act strangely. This is completely normal, so do not worry if your child (only if you name them Zularaie) climbs to the very top of your tallest tree. Zularaie is a name that guarantees freedom of spirit and body. This child will behave only if you are sweet. Yelling does not help. Zularaies tend to be sensitive, so telling them not to cry or to turn their tears off will have no effect whatsoever. Good luck.

-Zularaie Kasien
My name is Zularaie.

"Zularaie, get back here!"

Zularaie is calm

Madam 1: That woman is brilliant! Whatever is her name?
Madam 2: Zularaie, Ma'am, if you please.
by Emi <3 May 17, 2018
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