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Absolutely adorable. Very sweet and kind. Beautiful smile and happy eyes. Pretty faced girl. Zubiyah's always have a great sense of humor, is loyal and friendly. Has many friends. Attracts the opposite sex without any problem...even the same one as well. They are very responsible and reliable and only want the very best for themselves and those they love. They are also super hard working. They are very successful in life and love. Very intellegent and wise, good listener and gives amazing advice.
Downfall for Zubiyah's: They fall in love too easily and strong.. they are too kind and generous and are taken advantage of. They also have a temper and are very opinionated and stubborn.
wise person- Zubiyah
someone patient- Zubiyah

"I need some advice"..Go see Zubiyah
by Chicabonita84 November 23, 2011
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