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A Language evolved primarily on the internet, similar to 1337 and LOLcat, in which the suffixes "zor" and "toid" are added to any words, although most attachments are to one-syllable words. General guidelines, but not neccessarily rules, are that 'toid" is applied to adjectives and "zor" is applied to nouns. Unlike 1337 and LOLcat, zortoid is easily spoken verbally. Examples include Swiztoid, Sicktoid, Lametoid, winzor, cupzor, sleepzor, gymzor, and foodzor.
Jeff: Hey man check out this new car I got.
Ivan: Swiztoid dude look at that spoiler + 25 HP

Mark: What'd you do last night
Nick: Went to some girls party
Mark: Ah, lametoid man. Wana get some foodzor?
Nick: heck yeah that sounds totally sickhouse. Zortoid is so much fun to speak.
by superflyjeff1 October 26, 2009
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