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Very Famous EMO Website for playing Microsoft Games online (owned by MSN), ruled by a 13 year old kid called "Zmaster". You can become a Helper There (Also known as Mplus or just +), mostly people that try to hide their anger because of their small wee wee (one hour gag for saying yours is bigger isn't rare). If you don't follow their Code of Conduct you get banned for a day, which causes the emo's on there to write dead letters and say they'll suicide if they don't get unbanned.
See it for yourself, on! (But I Have warned you!)
rofl ima plus im teh masteeer of teh world!! FEAR ME!! lawl!
follow teh codez of conduct or ull get teh bannorzzd!1!!!
you are banned for 24h from, o rly? ya rly!
by Trund November 03, 2005
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