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Zombie hippopotamus. They reside in a part of West Africa that can't be reached unless you dig a hole exactly 93 feet 8 inches in the ground and stand in the hole for 6 and a half hours. You can only eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew during this time. Once you climb out of the hole after the 6 and a half hours are up, you will find yourself in The Unknown Region of Africa. The Zompos should be all around you watching. If they aren't, they probably just don't give a shit.
Oh and make sure you don't get killed. Sometimes that happens when you fuck with Zompos.

**Please don't try this because Zompos are not real. I shouldn't have to say that but there are some stupid ass people in the world so just don't be a dumbass.**
Stupid Kids: "Hey dude, we're gonna go try to ride a Zompo tonight. You wanna come?"
Smart Billy: "Nope."
by Ro-Bay May 17, 2011
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