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Someone that used to be a person untill they gave up human interaction for interaction through digital means.

Signs often include but are not limited to:
1.Tuhxting-Holding out the zombie word 'uh' while typing a text or social networking to postpone live conversation
2.Speaking fluent Digibonics- short acronym talk
3.Wifilence-Communicating an entire day without using your vocal chords.
4.To Robodrive- Tripping, bumping, or hitting something while texting

5.Googleheimers-Being late for anything because you were on a social network site
6.Having Pokitsons-Mindlessly poking someone for weeks on end
7.To Twitterbate- rapid conversation through any social network
8.Anyone that is Facebook Hot only
9.Commiting Flickrape- Getting turned on from looking at someones photos
10.Having a Zompossie-the 20+ friends that are completely unknown to the user

This phenomenon combines the zombie apocalypse with that of the robotic revolution, the worst and most deadly combination. However, this can be prevented through raising awareness and constant vigilance, or by smashing a Zombot's electronics and a single bullet though the head.
Boy: "I Love You"

Girl: "uhhhhhhhhh....sorry I didnt hear you, what?"

Boy: "This isn't going to work, I don't date Zombots"
by RolandoPico April 19, 2011
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Zombie Robots. How awesome. 'Niff said.
"The Zombots attacked our outpost. We were distracted by their awesomeness and over run"
by Onecrazylemming September 16, 2009
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