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A rising youtuber currently holding down a strong 42 subscribers and 116 videos with a slowly decreasing ammount of video views after his worldwide hit "BUDDER PIG FOR SKYDOESMINECRAFT". He is also well known for his talent in making the "DubStep". His two current hit singles are "Glitched" and "One Down". You should go sub now for some interesting volgs, sick-nasty-bro minecraft content, and many updates about his girlfreind. His other names that you may hear are DaBox, Da Rel Lotus, and Skrillz/SkrilzCraft.
Da Rel Lotus is my fav youtube commentator. His outdoor vlog is my favorite.

Zombion is the best longboarder i know. He is a total hunk and his girlfriend is very lucky to game with him.
by Charles Jenkinson June 27, 2013
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