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After digging up a corpse of at least 10 years age, pouring gasoline over the genitals, lighting them on fire, and putting out the fire with a large amount of liquid feces, you engage yourself in rough intercourse with the shit-covered vagina and/or ass, and shoot a huge load inside the totally wrecked 'privates'. You then snort it out with a straw, all while singing 'Sweet Child O'Mine' by Guns N' Roses.
Yo, dude! Cheyenne and I totally video recorded Harmony having a crazy zombiegasm down at the old cemetery! She was crying afterwards she loved it so much!
by SONIKK April 10, 2011
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A particularly disturbing deviant of the standard orgasm in which one's face contorts so much that it no longer appears to belong to a living person.

This climax may be punctuated by the prototypical noises of the living dead. "Gwah!" and "hurgh!" are not uncommon, but the most-reported sounds are the characteristic moans of zombies in heat.

This definition is dedicated to all those who have lost their loved ones to (multiple) zombiegasms.
J&M are a couple.

J: Dreadful weather, isn't it?
M: Quite so. By the way, I'm about to come.
J: but-!
M: Gwaargh nuuugghh! uugh ghluhg mmmmmmmm...

a pause

J: M, a part of me died as soon as you started having that zombiegasm.
M: What's a zombiegasm?
by tristimulus May 04, 2010
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