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1) To vote mindlessly, without thinking thru the issues

2) To vote habitually, either for a Party or for a Candidate, for no particular reason other than you've done this all your life, and so did your Father, and your Grandfather, and your Great Grandfather, and &tc.

3) To vote for a candidate just because they are black/white/female/male/hispanic/Maori/gay/straight &tc and for no other, better reason

4) To spoil your ballot

5) To forget to vote, or to be a conscientious objector to voting
1) I can't *believe America Zombie-voted for Obama. His policies were obvious, they all sounded good, but nobody took the time to think them thru to their obvious conclusion. Duhhhh!

2) I'm going to Zombie-vote Labour Party. I'm Loyal -- always have been. Our family have always voted Labour.

3) It's time to have a female US President. Even Palin could get in by Zombie-vote, if she'd run.

4) Dunno who to vote for: I'll Zombie-vote Reagan by spoiling my ballot.

5) Everybody running for office is crap. I'll Zombie-vote this time and cast my ballot down at the Pub.
by DaChieftain October 18, 2011
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