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A character on the tv show Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) played by the Chilean actress Cote de Pablo. Ziva is Israeli and was formerly a Mossad liason officer for NCIS but is currently a Probationary Special Agent. She joined NCIS in season 3 after she killed her half-brother Ari Haswari to save Leroy Jethro Gibbs after Ari killed one of his agents Special Agent Caitlin 'Kate' Todd. From then on she had Gibbs' trust and is like a daughter to him, often times he affectionately calls her Ziver. She had a relationship with the old director, Jenny Shepherd; and often butt heads with her partner Anthony DiNozzo. Tony and Ziva have major sexual tension on the show and together make up the relationship Tiva. She is also close with the other agent, Timothy McGee, in a brother/sister relationship. It is known that Ziva's younger sister Tali was killed in a Hamas suicide bombing when she was only 16. Ziva's father, Eli David, is the Director of Mossad, and is a very mean man. At the end of season 6, he made Ziva quit NCIS and become a full time Mossad officer again, and sent her on a suicide mission in Somalia where she was captured, tortured, and presumed raped by terrorists. NCIS steps in and saves her.

All in all, Ziva David is a crazy israeli chick with impulse issues, is a ninja, and the best character on TV!!!!!! TIVA FOREVER!!!!!
Tony DiNozzo: Crazy Israeli chick

Ziva David: I will kill you 18 different ways with this paperclip

Ziva David: Tony, why are you here?
Tony DiNozzo: Couldn't live without ya, I guess

Viewer 1: Omg, did you see that? Do you think Ziva is really dead?
Viewer 2: She can't be, then the world would end!

Viewer 1: Did you see that Tiva moment last night in Jet Lag?
Viewer 2: YES! OMFG! They totally slept together, that is something I could totally see Ziva David doing... she's a ninja after all!
by tivaforever August 13, 2010
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