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Also known as a "cuff 'n chug," a ziptie is an event in which you and a partner are ziptied or cuffed together in some fashion and can only be freed from bondage upon drinking and finishing a fifth of hard liquor or a suitcase of beer. The winning pair is deemed champions, but nobody wins this game.
Sally hated her date for ziptie and hoped he could drink as fast as her so that she could escape from his presence.
by tictac43 August 15, 2017
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something you tie up and throw at your cat for him to play with
Hey, is the cat playing with a zip tie again?
by kittiesandcats August 19, 2017
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A high school prank in which someone walks behind someone else and secretly straps their backpack's zippers with a zip-tie. People also zip-tie others by strapping someone else's backpacks to a desk or table or zip-tieing someone else's locker.
Person 1: "Yo dude could I borrow some scissors?"
Person 2: "Why?"
Person 1: "Someone zip-tied me on my way here."
Person 2: "HA"
by Woodie135 October 20, 2011
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