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Zilging is when a female pees standing up, outside. For most females this is difficult, but with practise it will come. It is a very important skill to have as not only is it lovely but you no need to worry about the bathroom. No squatting as such is involved, just letting it rip, I suppose. Men CANNOT zilging, for males you would just say 'Peeing outdoors'.
Sarah: "Jess, I really need a pee, but I can't find the bathroom"
Jess: "Just try Zilging?"
Sarah: "Zilging? What's that?"
Jess: "I'll show you!" *Pulls down pants, aims to the floor and begins peeing behind a tree.*
Sarah: "Wow!" *Sarah then finds a lovely puddle and beings Zilging in it*
Jess: "Easy and fun!"
by Zilging_Master July 12, 2009
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