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Is the most unique person you'll ever meet, Zicaria is a very smart and loving person who will accept anyone for who and what they are. Zicaria is usually a quiet and reserve person but will speak out of you mess with them or their family. Zicaria has a really weird but hilarious side, get to know them and they are the most funniest person ever.

Zicaria is a very trustworthy, reliable person, you can trust them with your life. They will keep a secret and never tell. Zicaria likes to draw and is very creative and imaginative... they also like to make people smile.

Zicaria loves to be surrounded by friends and family. They are extremely shy at first but when you get to know them they are wild, happy, talkative and very fun to be around
Lynn: do you know Zicaria?

Riah: Yeah! They are so nice and smart! They helped me with my homework then we went to eat
by Zicaria June 12, 2019
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