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An elite clan of gamers. The Zeuxis bloodline started as friends and became family. They are the true definition of Gamers. The Zeuxis take no shit from anyone and their bond extends far beyond the screen. The men and women of the clan are always there for one another. They fight together, laugh together, cry together, but most of all always stand together. When the Zeuxis arrive you know shit will go down.

Some famous Zeuxis include:

Valk The founder and leader of the team.
Sharp Co founder and second in command.
Razor The enforcer who ensures no one in the clan fucks up.
Kain The groups big brother/mentor.
Bagel The jackass.
Dude I was chosen to join clan Zeuxis
Nigga that is awsome.
by the real legend 27 May 02, 2018
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The fictional bloodline in the wattpad story Zeuxis Revenge. Named and based after the realife gaming Clan Zeuxis Bloodline. Storywise the Zeuxis are the chosen few who battle against the corruption that threatens humanity. In real life The Zeuxis are you average collection of gamers.
Famous Zeuxis include:
Valk: Leader and founder
Sharp: Co founder and 2iC
Razor: 3iC
Kain: The mentor of the group
Bagel: Jackass
Kit: Jackass #2/otaku
Yo did you know clan Zeuxis exists IRL
No fucking way I want to join
by the real legend 27 February 05, 2018
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The Zeuxis is a bloodline which is leaded by Valk, and Razor. Their novel "Zeuxis Revenge" Written by SakuraZeuxis, is a 10/10 Novel. Their counsil consist of AceZeuxis, BagelZeuxis, MattZeuxis (Inactive), and LightZeuxis. Their most well known Zeuxis are KitZeuxis(Lovable asain froob), ImmortalZeuxis(GFX), TankZeuxis(Military HR), and many more. There existence marks ROBLOX as a fun, well known community. 'Soon to be updated'
"I got bets Immortal and razor will fight..."
by ZeuxisLibrarian February 06, 2018
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