Pronounced (z•esh)

You can use this word to replace ANY word that you would use to replace, compliment, or extend anything/everything your dreams desire

Only used by the best kind of people
“Hey pretty lady, you’re looking pretty zesh tonight... come here often?”

“Aw man, you really zeshed this up dawg

“I took her to my penthouse and I zeshed it”

“Are you zeshin’ kidding me right now Vro?”

“That food looks ZESH homie”

“Those eyebrows are on ZESH tonight gal”
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by TheZeyshestOfThemAll July 16, 2018
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It means to a have a drive, a goal to complete something huge or unimaginable. To never give up, to keep going
even if it hurts you sometimes you have to complete that goal like its your destiny.
when your skating and your just trying to kickflip that three stare but you keep falling and bailing but wanna keep doing it till you got it is called zesh
by NukeAvailableYT September 03, 2019
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