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The moment I looked into your eyes, the shape of them, your eyebrows, your nose, your lips, your teeth, your smile. The second I heard the sound of your voice. They weren't classified as extremely gorgeous, but to me they were just perfect! Since then you have made me crazy about you and its been almost a year and I can't get you out of my head. I will never forget that moment. You are perfection. You are the most handsome man living! Will I ever meet you again?
"So I've been having this dream lately where we are back to where we first met. People seem to be extremely tall and tower over me, I feel so small. Everyone's faces are blurry and I can't really see how they look like. I feel that I am a stranger and I don't belong there. I shove and push through many people and suddenly I come face to face with you. I can see your face, your eyes, I can hear your voice. I left without knowing your name...Zemar"
by youdontrememberme April 22, 2013
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