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Suggested to be a lunatic but secretly being the nicest (and misunderstood) villain in the universe.
Zarsthor began life as a little tree girl before being tutored in the art of villainy and trouble making as an apprentice to Alchaea. Before long Zarsthor became so villainous she out witted her master and became his equal.

Upon their first meeting Zarsthor told Alchaea he was in love with her but didn't know it yet. Alchaea responded a year later with the statement "Zarsthor is the only woman I respect too much to marry."
"I respect you like Zarsthor, but we can still fuck right?"
"You Alchaea'd it but I pulled a Zarsthor."
"I'm like a Zarsthor, you love me but you just don't know it yet."
by Zarsthor December 04, 2009
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