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This last name is rather usuall with stupid blond girls from Norway, seemingly with no social intelligence or skill. Girls with this name is also often good friends with awesome people, most likley so that some of the awesomeness is to be tranfered. People with this last name can almost take no form for alcoholic beaverage before they faint or fall asleep. In addition to this they often have reather poor memory and tend to forget pretty much everything 2 minutes after you tell them. However, in counter to this they are often very good looking.
Random dude: Did you remember it?
***** Zapffe: huh? what?
Random dude: the stuff we talked about?
***** Zapffe: what are you talking about?
Random dude: guess not...

***** Zapffe: OOOOHH! THAT! :D No...
Random dude: *face palm*
by grdg24 January 20, 2011
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