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A bromantic relationship between the two best friends, Zach Porter & Cameron Quiseng from Allstar Weekend.

The couple have been spotted -sassily- in a UStream in early 2011 when Zach said they were sassy. Like really sassy(speaking of which you should go like Zameron Is The Sassiest Piece Of Sassy That Ever Sassied on facebook. Its a pretty awesome page). So the fans put together the bromance; once this happened many Zamerony stuff has been happening, eg: in the Blame It On September video, it seems Zach left the girl cause Cameron attracted him, another example is the concert Allstar Weekend did shirtless, Zameron were touching eachother. A lot.

They are in love. Deal with it
Adubber 1: did you see that picture of Zach holding Cameron?! Its so-
Adubber 2 * interrupting*: ITS SO ZAMERONY OMG
by Adubber October 06, 2011
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