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Zagiri is a funny, outgoing person she dosnt let anyone get in her way. Sometimes when people judge her she dosnt care, but other times it hurts her inside. If people not decide to be her friends we’ll then it’s their problem not hers, she can get new friends, why? Because she’s awesome she’sathletic and likes sports she can be a delicate as a rose but as rough as a(n) rock. So don’t get her pissed, she can get a bit feisty. She falls inlove with a lot of guys but if they break her heart she knows her friends will be there for her. She is smart, beautiful, talented and well known for her, herself, and her actions. She is weird and unique in her own way.
You’re funny you must be....... a(n) Zagiri
by Zagiri April 09, 2018
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