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1. In Russia, a very typical and common name. In the US, this is the name that only truly unique individuals have. These people are smart, funny, and will blow you away in bed - both literally and figuratively. Interestingly enough, people with this name are found to have sharper, faster-acting, and more receptive neurons that far outnumber those of their peers. They can also stand on their heads for longer periods of time.

2. A derogatory term worse than any other in existence. Not even comparable to ones like "fucktard", "assclown", "snailsucker", "pussyrubber", or even "cunt". A term to be used only by those that risk death by mutilation by the person being insulted.
1. "Wow! I've never met a more unique and truly amazing, fantabulous, and synapse-gifted person!"
"Oh, I know! She/He must be a Zadorojny."

2. "You should never have been born, ZADOROJNY!!"
by imaretard February 04, 2009
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