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A Marijuana smoking genius, defined as one of the best looking men as far as history can go back, this man has the most tallent and ambition than most people, he rarely fights but when he does faces are permanently damaged. he can be a lazy bastard but that is his only flaw. his touch with women is orgasmic, never once described as "OK" or "Kidna Good" its always "FANTASTIC" or "The Best Ive Ever Had". He only Hangs out with fly people and PIMP'S, But he is considered "KING PIMP". always well dressed and smells like marijuana smoke or cherry scented vagina. Its known to be good luck to pull down his pants and suck his penis, unless you get smacked in the mouth kuz your ugly. he has vanquished any obstacle in his path and always will. If you meet someone with this name you must bow as if he was a god because he is similar to a god.
Zach Jones is the best looking pimp, with the biggest dick.
by mr.mackwithabigsack January 18, 2012
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