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Zombie Fighting Power-up Fuck (ZFPF) - The act of fucking in order to refuel ones mental faculties following a particularly rigorous bout of fighting off hordes of zombies.

Often, in a zombie apocalypse setting, one can find themselves separated from their family and most importantly their significant other. One can wander for days fighting zombie after zombie until united with a group of strangers. Food, water and other necessities crowd out the finer pleasures in life. In order to preserve peek mental acuity, one must engage in the act of sexual relations not only to take their mind off of the carnage and mayhem but also to ensure the survival of the human race through continued procreation.
Alice: Where have you been Rowan? You've been gone for days. I feared the worse.

Rowan: I know Alice. I thought I was a goner. I ventured into the heart of the city with hopes of finding much needed supplies. I wandered into an area swarming with zombies. I some how managed to fight my way through, killing hundreds of them.

Alice: "mesmerized and wet."

Rowan: I'm in dire need of a ZFPF.

Alice: Follow me to the shower...
by ZFPFmaster July 05, 2012
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