A z move is a move used in generation 7. You need a z ring and a wristband to use one
Ash Ketchum: Alright! Let’s do this, pikachu!

Stronger than a thunderbolt’s 100,000 volts

1,000,000 volts! No, even bigger than that! Our super full power! 10,000,000 volts! Pikachu: PIKA KA KA KA KA KA! PIKA PIKAAAAAA! Z move
by Sicjsuchsncjxjbsbdc March 20, 2021
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When someone in a typhoon mommy land of Garchomp abuses a poor Pokémon
Tem Roket use Z-Move-Anime-Blast on little boy to get poké-chew! UWU Meowf get Pokéchew! Oh no Meowf oof. Ahahak a bware new bast
by Bœt June 9, 2019
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