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an amazingly beautiful girl who thinks low of herself but deeply knows she can do it
a girl who you just can't get enough of
she is kind and loving but can sometimes get annoying :)
she'll be there for you no matter what, even though it might not seem like it
she can easily "get" things and once she loses it she'll want it back
funny, gorgeous, and if you encounter one, hold her on tight
they are rare! :)
Oh that Yvone is so Yvone!
by wolfhard :) January 26, 2018
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A gorgeous but savage girl. Eventhough yvone has a lot of crush, but only one of them is yvone's real crush. Yvone only stay loyal to certain person. Yvone don't have time for her haters because she is busy with people tht loves her. NEVER MESS WITH YVONE.
Girl A: Oh thats Yvone isn'it? I'm gonna mess with her because my crush likes her.

Girl H:You better not mess with Yvone, or you gonna get in trouble.

savage gorgeous clever yvone
by NutellaNubello April 23, 2018
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