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An awesome, cheerful person. Always friendly towards unfriendly people yet always staying in his/her comfort zone. Also a weird individual. He/she will call themselves strange knowing full well they are and announcing it. Everyone loves Yummiebear because she/he can take you from being a boring person (with typing) to being an outgoing individual. Side effects may vary depending how much time you spend with Yummiebear. I recommend you to take a vacation for she/he can get very annoying.
"Hey dude, didn't Yummiebear make you all unboring?(:O)"
"Yeah, dude are you in love?(^O^)"
*blushes* "NO!"
"Yeah right. Yummiebear had the same effect on me."
"Dude, you're really stalkerish now."
"Yeah, uh, Yummiebear has that effect on people too."
by Xx_Yummiebear_xX January 13, 2012
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