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YulTi is the pairing or ship name of Yuri and Tiffany from the 9-member Korean girl group SNSD or Girls' Generation. (Yuri and Tiffany themselves have referred to their pairing as 'YulTi') These two have a lot of shippers because of the closeness of the two girls and their undeniable chemistry which was first noticed by fans when they MC-ed for Music Core. (2009-2010) (2011-2012)

They're also one of, if not the SNSD pairing with the most skinship. They're always hugging, holding hands, teasing each other and seeking each other out.

And on shows and interviews, they constantly praise each other which shows their genuine admiration for each other.

The official name for YulTi shippers on soshified is 'Soulkeepers'
Sone 1: Hey did you watch the concert last night?
Sone 2: Yeah, there were a lot of YulTi moments.
Sone 1: They're so cute. Those two really can't keep their hands off each other.
by blackmushroom March 20, 2013
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