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A typical American car, idiots waste 60 thousand dollars to buy a car that will rust, and because the Yukon and Terrain look the same, people don't know what to call them.
Absolute waste of money, in every way.
The drivers usually are rich, cocky assholes who have 20 kids and have 6 screaming, whining babies in the back of the car, with the wife texting while driving, and the husband singing a lullaby to the crying babies.
Dave (Passenger): Fucking asshole, cutting us off like that, typical Yukon driver!
Greg (Driver: Ah, that's a Yukon DENALI!
No, wait, that's a Terrain Denali, or a regular old Terrain, or a regular old Yukon.
While the are driving behind the Yukon Terrain Denali, it suddenly stops in the middle of the highway.
Dave: (Puts window down) What the fuck is wrong with you?!
YTD Husband: Can you watch your mouth, my 6 babies are here!
Driver: (Puts window down) Fuck you and fuck your babies!
YTD Wife: I just got a call from my son at home, he is playing with his Yukon Denali toy!
YTD Husband: Oh that's wonderful, honey!
Driver: (Dials 911) Hello, police, yeah I'm near the underpass at Highway 54, and there is a woman on her phone, stopped in the middle of the road, licence plate number YTD-#1.
Police Dispatch: What is their vehicle?
Greg: A 2013 GMC Yukon Denali, or a GMC Yukon, or a

GMC Terrain or Terrain Denali, you can't miss it, it is a white with a yellow stripe in the middle.
Police Dispatch: We'll send a unit as soon as possible, sir.
5 Minutes Later, a police car showed up, and gave the wife a fine of 500$, when they handed her the fine, she gave it to her husband, and walked over to Greg and Dave's car, and flipped them off.
Greg: Fuck you, bitch!
This story was based on true events, along with a few things I added myself.
Yukon Terrain Denali (YTD)
by KavonIskaoen March 20, 2013
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