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Ysgol Rhiwabon (welsh) Ruabon School (english ) Is a state school situated in the United Kingdom North wales in the village of Ruabon (Rhiwabon) It currently serves approximately 1000 pupils, and provides a High pass rate for exams such as GCSE and A Level. The current Head teacher is Angela Williams. The staff at Ysgol Rhiwabon are the best you could ever hope to find!

Famous students who have attended Ysgol Rhiwabon are Mark Hughes (former Manchester United F.C., Blackburn Rovers F.C. and Wales footballer) and Brian Law (Sky Sports reporter)

The school was established in 1967, and in 2003 had a major building project, which included a state of the art library and a sports complex.

Ysgol Rhiwabons school motto is Absque Labore Nihil which is Latin for nothing without labour.

"Ysgol Rhiwabon is a vibrant learning community for all and its aim is to help all students and staff to achieve full potential"
Person 1: Hey where are you going September?

Person2: I dunno, Grango most probably
person 1 : Oh really?

Person 2 : Yeah where are you going?

Person 1 : Ysgol Rhiwabon(Ruabon High School), its brilliant there, high pass rate nice teachers and brilliant surroundings....
Person 2: Wat ever dude, you bum rhiwabon, i am going now....

------------10 years later-----------------

person 1: Hey is that you

Person 2: Yeah omg haven't seen you in 10 years!

Person 1: I know, what do you do know?

person 2 : Oh i collect bins, you know
Person1 :Oh very nice!
Person 2: What do you do?

Person 1: Iam a Doctor!

person2: Wow....i could of been like that if i went to Ysgol Rhiwabon....
Person1: Yeah you could who bums Rhiwabon!!!

by nmbv1 August 28, 2009
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