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A person who watches Youtube videos all day long, to only start quoting the lines they hear from the videos. These can be quotes are usually from comedic movie or game reviews and this person would take it seriously. The person would then use what they heard in jokes, arguments, or just wanting to say it. The repeats can continue for weeks after watching the video which can be due to the person watching the same video over and over again.

If one were to hang out with this person be prepare to start hearing a constant line of quotes the one might not even care about.
Youtube Parrot - {Insert quote from video here}

Cool Guy - Anyway I got free tickets to the stadium next week

YT Parrot - that's cool {Insert quote from video here - but interrupted}

Cool Guy - Listen I don't care what time do we meet up?

YT Parrot - I don't know you pick {Insert quote from video here}

Cool Guy - *sigh* Why do I hang out with you?

YT Parrot - meh, GOD how FFXIV sucks! I rather {Insert quote from FFXIV comedy review video here}

Cool Guy - Did you ever play it?

YT Parrot - No

Cool Guy - Then Shut Up
by The Cool Guy 8) October 14, 2011
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