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Not to be confused with Youtube War

A malicious Youtube Party that occurs when more than one Youtube Nuisance congregates and begins watching Youtube videos, usually amongst friends or groups of people. The Youtube Nuisances will suggest/search videos they believe are amusing in an increasingly aggressive fashion, often interrupting each others' videos to do so. This alternating of videos back and forth will often produce a massive Youtube Vortex of which the audience is involved, usually against their wills, and ends with all parties no longer interested in Youtube videos and leaving the original Youtube Nuisances aggravated and abhorrent.
Bob and Ned had a Youtube Pissing Contest last night. Ned started off watching Rock Sugar videos but Bob kept switching over to butt crack fetish videos. By midnight we all wanted to kill each other but went out for drinks instead.
by Tnadz October 20, 2010
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