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A simple cutting down of an idiot who thinks their god-almighty. this seems to work best with little grommet kids who want to fight the world and those with bigger ego's than dicks.
Its easy to remember and a little repetitive, i have yet to see anyone come up with a good comeback to it.
a hint is to keep the sentences short and calm, something thats confusing to a screaming pre-teen.
*little grommet kid making trouble, trying to be cool/gangster*
"you can all suck my balls!!! i hate the world! i wanna sleep with your mum!"
"oi kid, your not tough."
"suck me"
"No. just no. forget it, your not tough."
"i said suck me!"
"forget it kid, your not tough"
by Gemie September 12, 2006
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