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A insult similar to Your mom gay, your dad's a lesbian, and your granny a tranny. Basically claiming someones's family is filled with homo-sexuals and "Un-desirables"
Josh : "Daniel Your mom Gay"
Daniel : "Your Dads a lesbian"
Josh : "Your Granny a tranny "
Daniel :"Your Grand-pap Trap"
Josh : "Dies a painful death then is immediately sent to hell'
by danielmedez_big_nibb_2 March 15, 2018
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A comeback or insult worse than your mom gay , your dad lesbian, and your granny tranny all combined.
British nigga: yo chap your mom gay haha, ur granny tranny lol
me: shutup, your grandpap trap
British nigga: *fucking dies*
by wtfisanUhqi May 11, 2018
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