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"Young Champ" is a moderately well known rapper native to Macedonia. Having moved to Northern Canada at a young age, he's brought about a 'revolution of funk' in his current home of Yellowknife. His last known location was chillin' out wif' his boy Kanye in his home on wheels. No, not a tour van, but a trailer. His recent hit, "Don't Touch", has sky rocketed on the local charts and is being quoted in the most exclusive of social events. (IE. Capitol Theatre; Sir John Franklin High School; Any bad ass street corner where drugs are undoubtedly being peddled and a surplus of ass being shaken.)
JIM: "Hey Ted, heard the new Young Champ beat?"

TED: "NO!"

RYAN: "Hey, neat sunglasses!"

HAILLIE: "Those are MY sunglasses . .. DON'T TOUCH."

RYAN: ". . .I hate you."
by Haillie Shortt May 29, 2008
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