Young Lovers - (noun) Two people who are at the age at which they have not graduated highschool, yet they are set on being with each other for the rest of their lives because they love each other too much to let anything (time, distance, family, friends, etc.) keep them from marriage and being together. As if they were magnets. (Not to be confused with "Highschool Sweet Hearts")
Tom: Did Chris break up with Kelly?

Bryan: Heck no, they've been in love and talking about marriage ever since freshman year!

Tom: Young Lovers. Gotta say though, Im happy for them.
by Captain Hamil September 8, 2010
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A person who loves young people.

Young-lovers can be of any age or gender. They share a deep fascination towards youth and enjoy spending time with young people. Some of them may perceive themselves as younger than they look, sometimes causing them to feel disconnected from older people. Others yet may reject the concept of age boundaries at all, believing people shouldn't be set apart based on how old or how young they are. It's not uncommon for a young person to fall in love with a young-lover. As opposed to many adults who only feel disdain towards youngsters, young-lovers treat everyone as equals regardless of age.
Girl #1: you're crazy!!! that guy will never want to hang around with you! you are SO young for him
Girl #2: that's not true, age doesn't matter when people like each other and also he's a young-lover :3
Girl #1: i can never understand you
by whorf December 26, 2016
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