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1. (n.) YouTurn is a slang word meaning a rehab school that is terribly inefficient.
2. (adj.) A YouTurn is a slang term for describing faculty that could care less about the people they are responsible for.
3. (n.) YouTurn is a language consisiting of only slang and has a large amount of "Bro," "niggard," and "DEUCES"
1. "Hey did you hear about that new rehab facility downtown?" "Yeah man, that place is a complete YouTurn, though."
2. "Man, the teachers here completely suck!" "Yeah, but at least they're not YouTurn teachers."
3. "Hey man, are you fluent in YouTurn speak?" "Y'all bet'chall niggard a backle I is, bro I'm out... DEUCES!"
by Derp and Neele November 20, 2013
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