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A person or thing committed to YouTube who is overly obsessed with being anti-lulz and/or must be led by other people to express his or her thoughts on a subject matter.
Reference 1: Movie clip from Transformers

person69: god this movie was so horrible i hated it.

person34: fuck shia. shia muh dikk

YouLoser: Oh god you're all noobs on here why would you even WATCH this movie? Get a life and GTFO! -Tries to impose perfect text-


Reference 2: On same movie clip from Transformers.

person 46545: this movie is just awesome i love it.

person 234: i agree shia is so awesome

Same YouLoser: OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE! IT HAS THE BEST GRAPHICS! Ps you're all a bunch of pissholes on here and I'm awesome.
by Mediocre Steve February 21, 2009
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