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The comment to leave on someone's YouTube video if they have made a video of themselves criticizing someone poorly and unfairly with no real point or merit.
If the person in the video says something like this;

"I hate (blank) everybody thinks (blank) is so great, but (blank) are a bunch of sell outs and liars. I heard that (blank) did this and (blank) did that and the sooner people realize (blank) sucks then the world would be a better place. Make sure you comment and share this video with all your friends so everyone can hear my opinion about (blank)."

Then simply comment

by EJONE86 April 25, 2009
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A person on YouTube who only posts videos of themselves ranting about their opinions. Usually under the delusion that viewers will care about these opinions.
I can't believe it! Every one of this guy's videos is a rant on how he thinks Obama is a terrorist. What a YouDouche.
by FruitSalad4225 May 15, 2010
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