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Norville's explanation of the hula hoop in The Hudsucker Proxy, a comedy film by the Coen brothers.
Norville: But I got big ideas.
Old man: I'm sure you do.
Norville: For instance, take a look at this sweet baby. (Shows a drawing of a circle.) I developed it myself. Yessirree, this is my ticket upstairs. (The old man looks at Noville as if he's an idiot.) You know, for kids!
Old man: Terrific.
Norville: So, see how I won't be working in the mailroom long.
Old man: No, I don't guess you will be.

(In a board meeting.)
Norville: You know, for kids! It has economy, simplicity, low production cost, potential for mass appeal, and all that spells out great profitability. I had the boys down at R&D throw together this little prototype so our discussion here can have some focus and to give you gentlemen of the board a first hand look at how exciting this gizmo is. It's fun, it's healthy, it's good exercise, the kids will just love it, and we put a little sand inside to make the experience more pleasant. But the great part is, we don't have to charge an arm and a leg.
(The board looks at Norville as if he's an idiot.)
by You know, for kids! May 30, 2012
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