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when one person mentally destroys another (or in some cases a group of people) with a series of logical statements of pure awesomeness. In most cases the person who just had a mental bulldozer run through his head is usually left so mind blown that they are left speechless for minutes. When this happens, an observer of this amazing deed will state that the now mentally scared human-being has just been coached.
person 1: "Bruce Lee could kick Chuck Norris' ass any day of the week. He even beat him in Enter the Dragon"
person 2: "Look that was a mov--"
person 1: "Yeah but--"
person 2: "Shut up I'm talking. Bruce Lee may have beat Chuck Norris in a movie but Chuck Norris beat God, and as we all now God beat Bruce Lee"
person 1: "..............."
person 3: "You Just Got Coached"
by el Epico January 12, 2012
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