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A school where white bitches try to act black but it doesn’t work out for them. The school is Racist as hell and the teachers throw books at you then want you to pray about it afterwards. The only true bitches there are the black ones. So amen to that. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, we do drugs in the bathroom
People: oh so you go to York Catholic?
Me: yeah why?
People: you guys must be loaded on drugs!
Me: “Walks away”
by Ellio:) June 27, 2018
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I school filled of racist teachers and students, who cant dance and don't know any better. racist, white, shit, rich, devil
guy 1: "You go to York Catholic?"
guy 2: "Yea, why?"
guy 1: "Has a priest raped you yet? HAHA!"
guy 2: "Shut up!" *walks away*
by Jimmy bob billy joe March 05, 2011
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It's basically a school full of mostly rich white kids who think they're the shit. They think because they have one black friend they can say the n word and from my experience most people are fake and annoying as shit. Most of the teachers give a shit load of homework. Also most of them favor kids. Basically the lunches are the only good thing about that school. If you're not good at sports you're basically automatically unpopular.
"York catholic is a pretty shitty school why do you go there?" "For the food"
by Ranter😁 August 29, 2017
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