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Found in Michigan's upper peninsula during the winter months, usually October threw April. A small open area surrounded by snow or ice, like a small cave. Usually accessable threw a basement or first story window, depending on how deep the snow is. Keeps beer and other stuff cold.
Who needs a fridge when you got a Yooper cooler!
by random person 456 November 02, 2015
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A Yooper Cooler is an ingenious device first devised by the native peoples of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The 'First People' of The Big North Woods first used it as a way of preserving food during the long winter months, now they are constructed as a economical way for Yoopers to keep their PBR cold.

The Yooper Cooler is constructed with a large pile of snow packed down and frozen by the UP's freezing temps. Shelves are constructed inside for accomidation of beer, bier, lager, ales, IPAs, Dopplebocks, and Pilsners. Many variations can be found throught Big Snow Country, and generally vary based on region, culture, and BAC at time of construction.

Not to be confused with the inferior Canadian Refrigerator. Which is a similar yet completely flawed version, just like the country it shares its name with.
Toivo-"Whats that big pile of snow outside?"
Aino- " Oh thats the Yooper Cooler, eh."
Toivo-"So youse guys biult one already dis winter,hey"
Aino- "Oh yea. Dountcha knowse its gonna be a big snow year"

Ray- " Whats that? Your Canadian Refrigerator outside"
John-" No way Hose Head!" "thats a Yooper Cooler, Hooser!"
by midwestshred December 11, 2009
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