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real, loveable, loved, loving, lovely, taken, dark skin-tinted, beautiful, player, a true siren. reliable as a friend, sexy to men and women, naive in love. queen of hearts, yet meek and worried of what other people think. scared. the sun, makes her loved 1s happy just being there. very missed when she disappear, body like damn. hotted when she gets caught up. contracted like ariel ocean princess siren, proud, contrasted, caring, careful, mother of life, black, flagrant with her beauty but too important to her life to be a shallow modelesque runway type, beyond herself, godded woman, smart and sexy, lips always wet see..
she Yonique him too easy;
once Yonique there all them other women fold like paper; all i hear is Yonique calling and i follow;
Yonique dawn pied piper walk all them follow her style;
she Yonique me till i can't say no
by bumbapussyrassclaat June 12, 2011
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