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The Hidden Leaf Village's 4th Hokage who was trained by Jiraiya one of the legendary 3. He was the leader of Hatake Kakashi group before he became Hokage. He died by sealing the kyubi inside of Naruto. Many believe he is Naruto's father.
by Yondaime April 03, 2005
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"Yondaime" is Japanese for "The fourth". It can refer to any of the following Naruto characters:

Minato Namikaze: Fourth Hokage, and the father of Naruto. Very powerful shinobi who was killed defending his village. The one who sealed the nine-taled fox inside of Naruto as an infant.
A: Very powerful shinobi who is the Fourth Raikage. Killed by Orochimaru.
Fourth Kazekage: Name unknown; father of Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari.
Yagura: Fourth Mizukage and the jinchuuriki of the three-tailed beast. Killed when his biju was extracted by the Akatsuki.
Minato Namikaze is "Yondaime Hokage"
by Fourth Lord July 03, 2013
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