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A scamming, theiving man who steals identities, artwork and 'fursonas' from furries, but oh no, its not just furry stuff, Deviant art, Furaffinity, Jyros, Steam, Second Life and pretty sure other internet locations as well.

He cares for nobody els but himself, he's so terrible he even has an Encyclopedia Dramatica about him, he's such an asshat.

He is most commonly known as Yoko Beaumont.
One of Yoko's more infamous activities which he engages in, is the impersonation of artists based on the information that is publicly available, including art in most cases, to try and defame the person in question, piss them off, or fulfill some desire that he has to be someone else. - Yoko Beaumont
by Scytheclaw July 06, 2011
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