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YOGURT GOBLIN : a word mentioned and made up by commedian Russel Howard, who intened it to be a literal phrase meaning goblin of yogurt sorts.. it has been used to describe a rather vile sexual act. for example a lot of people have said that it meant cum eater... but thats just sick.. The hand gesture for this is putting your fingers between eachother palms touching and gripping and un gripping your fists. I DID make up the hand gesture not the word
Yogurt Goblin can be used as a random phrase to express disbelief or unhappiness in an object, person, thing or anything like that. example " haha u fail u yogurt goblin"
admitidly it is rubbish but still i want people to know the truth about the word
by P-izzle bo shizzle? August 04, 2009
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