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One or two squares of tissue paper carefully folded around the male genital area. Made to look like the head of Yoda. Originally used to prevent injuries such as cuts or burns. But later used as a way from preventing an erection, due to its odd looking shape. Effectively becoming a hornyness party pooper.

The first Yoda hat was originally made in October, 2012 in Misawa City, Aomori prefecture, Japan. The hat was heavily influenced by the rich Origami history of this country.

The hat was made by a japanese girl for her mexican boyfriend.
Mexican bf: I am so hot for you right now... i want to lick your nipples.

Japanese gf: (japanese accent) oh, is my baby horny?

Mexican bf: mhmm, i want to pull you next to me and bite your neck.

Japanese gf: I have stuff to do. let me get the Yoda hat.

Mexican bf: you are a party pooper to my hornyness.
by Ulrich Maximus November 03, 2012
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