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Asian sex drug that normally causes one to feel an annoying sensation in their ears and loins. Tends to be used in China to stimulate sex while practicing Kung Fu. Normally for Lesbians.
Person 1:I need an Yizhou.

Person 2: Oh, I have some viagra in the cabinets.

"I hate that guy, he is such an Yizhou."
by Dr. Zoidberg24 February 10, 2012
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Yizhou is someone who is extremely left wing, he is a communist and is a great supporter of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's. He takes great pride in knowing absolutely nothing about anything to do with sex. A pastime for Yizhou making aggressively kicking his dog. Yizhou will usually take 20 or more minutes taking a shit, nobody knows what he really does, it remains a secret to this day.
"Wow, you are such an Yizhou"

Guy or girl takes 20 or minutes on the toilet:
"Did you do an Yizhou in there?
by Macca19 August 07, 2018
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