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Yilun is a person of supreme talent in Sarcasm and Irony, an individual usually associated with dissing people or letting off rude comments. He likes making fun of pretty much anyone, especially his close friends who he tends to bully quite a lot, though they should be used to it and don't take it quite that seriously. Especially since he has a comic "Yilun" grin which betrays the fact that it's just a joke.
While he may seem mean from the outside and hard to handle, he is very close to his friends and sees them as family and likewise. He will do a lot for them. The name Yilun has gone as far as to become a verb.

Verb. "Yilun"

You are so Yilun right now. Stop Yiluning around!
Did you really just pull that Yilun?

Yiluns tend to be asian or Chinese, very tall, wearing all black and earrings. They stand out of the crowd. If you know an Yilun he'll probably be your best friend.
"Dude that guy is such an Yilun, did you see the way he dissed that Teacher?"

Person 1: "Did you hear that Yilun lied to his parents to go see his friend at 1 am because she was feeling lonely and depressed?"
Person 2: "Of course, that is so Yilun. He is a great friend."
by MakeBuellerProud August 03, 2016
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