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Descriptive of the brambly jungle of snatch thatch, that certain types of Ladies prefer to sport, in the bikini region. Particularly
if they are of the "Dungarees and Birkenstock" persuasion. Much favoured by 1980's Greenham Common traditionalists, and the stereotypical "Bulldyke" variety of Lezza, they often smelled of "Scampi Fries" or Fanny flavoured NikNaks.

Todays hygiene obsessed young Ladies, with their penchent for topiary, and waxing, are unfamiliar with the "Bigmuffs" of the 1970's and 80's, and quite frankly, I would jump out of my skin if confronted unexpectedly with one "Au Naturel" as it were. I'd be looking around for something to kill it with, before I was relaxed enough to confront a big hairy growler like that. **Shudders**
This is the tale, of Bertha Boot,
who bought a brand new bathing suit,
When she goes swimming in the water,
You see things you didn't oughta,

May Day morning, Whitby Bay,
her nipples stood out, plain as day!
But down below, the view is best,
Her Chuff is like a Yeti's Chest!
by BadBeast March 25, 2010
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